Investment policy
Investment policies and procedures:

Rewin door industry is willing to work with business philosophy, has its own marketing team, the strength of all sectors of the community friends work together to create a better tomorrow.

rewin door industry business philosophy:
1, identity Run An door brand operation mode, can be a good implementation of our marketing strategy, expand market doors.
2, has a good business philosophy and business model.
3, have the ability to analyze the market of the whole wood home industry and strong judgment.
4, market promotion and market development experience, enhance the effective share rewin door and visibility.
5, with the perfect after-sales service department, the organization of an experienced team of combat effectiveness of the marketing team.

rewin door industry franchisee requirements:
1, the principle is not to set up provincial and prefecture level agents, store area of the provincial capital cities in the 150 square meters or more, the two level of the market more than 120 square meters, more than three or four market 70 square.
2, store business premises should be in the local focus of the decoration materials market, or the location of the prime location.
3, the store should have how to integrate their contacts in the local and effective marketing programs and the most effective marketing model to rewin door industry brand promotion into the local brands.
4, to establish a good reputation and goodwill in the business area.
5, there is a certain degree of strength, more than three market demand for liquidity at least 300000 yuan.

stores rewin door industry construction:
1, store decoration design and decoration to rewin door industry unified image, unified brand image.
2, shop equipped with rewin door industry VI image objects, reflect the warm, secure enterprise culture brand.

store opening rewin door industry:
1, market research, investment assessment and determine the site to sign to store rental store design
2, signed a franchise agreement to provide store size photos and other information to headquarters to provide to the franchisee image standard
3, decoration construction, according to design drawings for construction.
4, store image construction plan approval, to the headquarters to provide store image construction photograph, marketing department audit, implementation of store decoration support < br / > 5, before the opening event preparation (in advance to the company for the opening of the required publicity articles, the opening ceremony):

to confirm the training plan before the opening of the business, the sales staff, business personnel, sales staff training system. The headquarters can be sent to assist in training, functional training and product knowledge training.

rewin door industry dealer application qualification:
1, submit a copy of business license and personal identity card.
2, the application area of the market development plan.
3, signed a franchise agreement, compliance and accept supervision.
4, year-end review and renewal.

rewin door industry dealers to join the process:
To apply for to regional, for "reply, invited to the company inspection (Marketing Department), to discuss cooperation (Marketing Department), signed a contract (Headquarters), store design and decoration (Marketing Department) and joined the notice system training.